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"...twice now, I've had a very bad toothache.  The first time Susan sent me a long distance healing, almost overnight, it was gone.  It again recurred a month later and I called her to do another one, which she did.  Again, it disappeared overnight.  All she said was "please go and see a Dentist" .  I'm not sure how she is doing it, but it's real.    James M.,  Toronto, June 2016.

"... a remarkable and inspiring journey into wellbeing..."  M. Barton, Toronto

" The beneficial effects were immediate."    Mrs. A. Mangantulao, Toronto

" ... remarkable insight ..."    E. Mason, Toronto

   "...my father had caught pneumonia during open heart surgery and we were told that he wasn't going to make it. Within hours of Susan's involvement, his condition turned around. I truly believe Susan helped to save my father's life..."      B. Pitts, Seattle, WA 

   "...I had severe vertigo for over ten years. It was to the point where at times I couldnít walk without falling. I had been hospitalised twice from it, been to five different experts, and finally had given up hope because I was told it was incurable. Five minutes with Susan Munro and Iíve never had a spell of vertigo since..."    Brandon P, Seattle, WA 

Welcome to Inner Healing Path!

My name is Susan Munro and I am a Holistic Healer; a trained and experienced (20 years)  practitioner of Acupressure, Reiki, Esoteric Healing and a host of other methodologies soon to be put into practice.  Ancient Wisdom regarding health is my priority and I bring it into every session by finding the right fit for each person.


I was trained in 1998 at the Toronto Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and the Toronto School of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and hold a diploma.  I also trained at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine and have supplemented my education with advanced courses in Acupuncture Physiatrics and Cosmetic Acupuncture.  I have a Masters Reiki Degree of the Usui Tradition and completion of courses in Esoteric Healing (International Network of Esoteric Healing).  I was also a student with the Edison Institute of Nutrition which accented my Nutritional courses from the OCHM.  I am currently no longer practising acupuncture but apply acupressure which is safe and definitely better for those that have an aversion to needles.

Stress and Health

This world is filled with stress and it, without a doubt, is the number one reason people get ill.  Greater numbers of people are turning to alternative methods to rectify their imbalances.  I devote my practice to finding the imbalances and imparting homeostasis.  Each patient is different, so different approaches are uniquely tailored to the individual. Whether you find yourself suffering the pains of sitting overly long in the office, the physical ailments that come with long-haul driving, heavy lifting and other industrial work, or the pains of overdoing it in your workouts and your golf game, you may just discover that these are your keys to healing and long-term health.  There are no magic bullets and healing takes time.  After all, you didn't get sick overnight; it was a process that built up over time.

Treatment times vary according to a clientís needs and initial assessments are provided upon the first visit with periodic reviews performed throughout the course of treatment. I would simply ask that you read through the following information and give me a call. You will find me to be friendly, informative, and devoted to the betterment of your health. Thank you.

Susan Munro, RP-CRA.

Serving the Greater Toronto Area and Vicinity


Solutions to Frustration, Pain, and Ailments

Serving North Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, Inner Healing Path focuses on the complete health of mind, body and spirit. Using powerful methods of Earth Medicine from long-established Holistic disciplines, Inner Healing Path can help with a range of ailments that range from everyday stresses of head pain, stress & tension, low energy & fatigue, to more challenging problems such as depression, sleep disorders, and even loss of purpose and direction. Please proceed through this site, and see that there are solutions to your own personal physical and spiritual pains in a challenging but hopeful world.

See too, as this site is updated with new and insightful messages about care and healing.

Thank you, Susan


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While this subject may not have a popular following in the medical field just yet, there is growing evidence that many people are suffering from an awakening of Kundalini Energy.  Sometimes this is spontaneous, sometimes it happens as a natural by-product of many years of meditation and spiritual practice.  It doesnít matter how it started, but it can create some real problems in a personís life.  My goal here is to educate and disseminate information for the clientís well-being.  There is help available.  For further information on just what this is, see under my Articles page.





" ... thanks for the wonderful work you have done for me."   
- D. Williams, Toronto
" She masters her technique ... her kindness of heart and her great sense of humor make her an extremely appreciated therapist."    
- Ricardina Dos Santos, Toronto
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Susan Munro, RP-CRA.
Serving the Greater Toronto Area and Vicinity


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