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The basis of our health is what we eat on the physical level.  The next important item is what we allow into our minds.  There is a distinct connection between mind and body, but without the proper fuel, no matter how positive your attitude is, ill health may prevail.

Using a standard Nutribody Analysis, filled out by the patient, a graph is elicited to point out where there are nutritional problems in the body.  Supplements and dietary recommendations are given and follow-up is key.  If a client wishes to lose weight, gain weight or just make sure that their body is operating at an optimal level, this analysis is extremely helpful.

A cleansing program is also advocated for any change in diet.  Toxins are in our atmosphere, our food and our water and it is most important to rid ourselves of as much of the toxins as possible.  Standard homeopathics and eliminating sugar, too much salt and fat are starting points.  Sugar is a toxin, as is table salt.  Replacement with sea salt and alternative sweeteners such as Stevia are recommended.

Be prepared to feel a little worse while you are going to feel better.  When toxins are loosened in the body, you will feel ill.  It is temporary and may last some clients 2 days and others 2 months.  Depends on the level of toxicity and how fast the organs of elimination can function.  Acupuncture speeds up this process.

The first step to better health is the intention to change. 

Why are we ignoring the obvious?

(This is a joke that has made the circuits of the internet.  It's not really funny and there is a point to be made).

God populated the earth with broccoli and spinach and yellow squash and all good things of the earth so man would live a long and healthy life.

Satan created fast hamburgers and coated chicken.

And then came forth the double cheeseburger and the double-down.  And they said "do you want fries with that".  Man said "Supersize me!" and gained an inch around the middle.

God said "try my fresh salad from the garden".

Satan created ice cream and man gained another inch around the middle.

God said "I have sent thee heart-healthy vegetables and olive oil in which to cook them."

Satan created steaks so big they needed their own platter and man gained another inch around the middle and bad cholesterol soared.

God brought forth running shoes and man resolved to exercise to remove the unwanted pounds.

But Satan created the remote so man didn't have to move to switch channels on the T.V.  He watched others exercise instead and another inch formed around the middle.

God brought forth the lowly potato, brimming with nutrition and low in fat.

But Satan created potato chips loaded with heart-clogging fat and man clutched his remote control and had a coronary.

God created the quadruple bypass surgery.

But Satan controlled the health care system.



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