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By Susan Munro, RP-CRA.

Emotions and Healing

Like many others, I believe that emotions are at the core of dis-ease.  Therefore, it is imperative to understand emotions, why we have them and what to do with them.

Expression of emotion is met with discomfort.  Emotion has been given to us as an outlet to express the deeper aspects of our being.

Crying, sensitivity, deep caring and anger are sometimes met with the assumption that they are a sign of weakness.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Being sensitive is in fact, a quiet, under-rated strength.

To express emotions like frustration, anger, fury and rage would only be getting part of the picture, but these are the HARD emotions, the ones that are considered negative and explode.  They are also the very same emotions that implode and become depression and self-hatred.

Underneath anger for instance is hurt.

Underneath hurt is need.

Underneath need is fear.

And underneath fear is Love.

It is like a pyramid of repressed feelings, which dissolves as you allow all these feelings to be expressed consciously.  Instead of being angry, try asking yourself WHY you are angry.  You might be surprised it has nothing to do with the present situation and in fact, it is programming from childhood and a knee-jerk reaction.

At the core of all this is love; self-love and love for others.  We come into this world as loving and trusting human beings.  Somewhere along the way as we mature to adulthood, we find that the love we have to give is rejected, ridiculed, oft times betrayed by many in our lives. 

The goal is to relinquish the hurts and anger to forgive, not only those who have hurt you, but forgiving yourself for carrying all these negative feelings.  It is like drinking poison when you hate something or someone, and hoping that the other person is going to die.   The only person that suffers from carrying the negative emotions is YOU.

So the first step is not to be afraid of your feelings.  The key is to express them fully and responsibly and move into the light of the loving aspects of your being.

Relaxation precedes healing.  In this setting, you can allow yourself to relax and the healing will commence.

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