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By Susan Munro, RP-CRA.

Energetic Healing, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Would it be surprising to learn that all illness grows from a common stem?

Look at the word “disease”.  Then look at the word “dis-ease”.  Subtle difference, but worlds apart. 

Dis-ease (or lack of harmony) is an imbalance in the body system(s).  According to various sources, we have four.  This idea is not new, but it is different and our Western Society is so focused on the physical aspect of our being to the exclusion of these other “parts” of ourselves, that we lose the ability to help ourselves.

The body systems are thus.

1. The Physical body,

2. The Etheric or Energetic body that attracts and holds the patterns for our physical body to exist,

3. Our Mental body,

4. Our Emotional body.

When “stress” impinges on our mental (mind) and our emotional (feeling) bodies, especially when it is focused for a long time on one particular thing, or one particular emotion, it interrupts the natural flow of energy (energetic body) and proceeds to disrupt the major glands or endocrine systems in our body, thereby opening the physical body to a host of ailments.  Every major gland has a frequency or a sound.  When in harmony, we have good health.  When a note of discord is sounded, it sets the stage for a very off-key symphony.  A great amount of literature today and a host of advanced thinkers discount “genetic predisposition” to diseases in favor of stating that what we feel and what we think have a much greater impact on our health than previously thought.  In fact, only 5% of disease has a genetic predisposition.  If our mothers had rheumatoid arthritis and we keep thinking “oh no, I hope I don’t get it”, you can bet you are upping your chances of getting it if you keep focusing on it.  This is called negative reinforcement.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome share a number of similarities and commonalities and the general consensus is in that they are part of the same dis-ease.  It has also come to light that people suffering from the above two diseases are usually over-achievers and expect so much of themselves and others, that the reality of it is the circuits are “burnt out”.  Energy isn’t flowing, disruptions have occurred and imbalanced patterns have taken their place.  It is difficult to re-direct or re-wire the physical, when the causes are hiding in the emotional and energetic bodies.  Not to say there are no physical connections; diet (sugar and yeast) are also highly suspect in contributing to and exacerbating these symptoms.

One of the methodologies used in my practice is Esoteric (Energetic) Healing, the study of the major power centres in the Energetic Body; Seven master “switches” that power up the body proper and 21 minor centres that feed off the majors.  Esoteric healing balances energy in the form of “triangles”, re-directing energy along its natural course.  These centres are not seen (unless the practitioner is gifted with this type of sight), but almost every practitioner can “feel” the energy working.   A sensitive practitioner can work with these centres, hold the energy in patterns and change the “frequency” in the energetic layer, changing the course of a dis-ease.   It’s a bonafide science taught in classrooms across the world, with chalkboards and notes and working on other bodies, but it is not popular because there are no drugs, no scalpels.  It can be sent long distances because energy isn’t stationery: energy follows thought; moving, oscillating and changing.  It’s a proven methodology and Esoteric Healing brings the theory into a more modern application.

Diseases relatively newly categorized and named such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have something in common – pain.  Pain simply put, is the body’s signal that something is wrong.  If you keep taking an aspirin every time you have a headache without questioning the source of the headache, you are only treating the symptom, not the cause.  Not surprisingly, there will be no improvement.   One must logically treat the cause and the symptoms will disappear.

There is no doubt that there are mental and emotional components to disease.  Fibro and CFS primarily hit women in their prime, which could launch a long article on how physical pain is the result of not being able to speak out, feelings kept in, unhappiness covered up, emotional wounds never healed and hidden fears, which not expressed, go deep into our being.  Like a balloon filled past its capacity, bursting over into the physical body with an array of symptoms that are classified into a syndrome that has no real explanation – just coping mechanisms.

Why don’t we get to the source? 

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