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By Susan Munro, RP-CRA

Mustard Plasters/Castor Oil Packs

Mustard plasters and Castor Oil packs have been used for hundreds of years to relieve pain and to leech out inflammation.  Before the days of antibiotics, mustard plasters were used extensively in the acute and recuperative stages of pneumonia.  Castor Oil packs are used on areas like the abdomen to relieve constipation and pain. We also use them here for arthritis in feet, hands, wrists, ankles - any joint that is swollen and painful.

These are simple, economical and time-tested remedies.

Mustard Plasters applied to areas of congestion on the upper front of the chest OR to the upper back area when you are experiencing bronchitis or pneumonia, helps to loosen phlegm and relieve pain.

Castor Oil packs are applied in a specific manner with heat for a period of up to 1 hour on the abdomen, liver area, etc. to relieve congestion. 


Castor oil packs are usually quite safe but must be applied for the specific time and are contraindicated in persons with IBS (it may increase diarrhea). 

Mustard plasters are applied for approximately 20 minutes or one-half hour and the area will become vulnerable to chill.  You must keep the area warm, which implies that you are to wear additional clothing covering that area.  Rest is most important.  The plaster will draw out inflammation, so there may be additional coughing up of phlegm or mucus.  The plaster will facilitate an easier expectoration.


6 teaspoons of flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon Keenís mustard powder.

Mix these ingredients in a bowl with boiling water until it forms a sticky paste.  It should not be too runny, but wet enough to soak into a clean piece of cloth.

Apply the mixture to a clean cloth, spreading it like you would a sandwich.  Cover it over, like folding a piece of bread, so that the mixture does not directly make contact with the skin.  Wait 1 minute until the extreme heat of the boiled water dissipates and apply it to the upper chest or back area.  Cover over with a cotton towel and make sure the rest of the body is covered.  The reason you cover the plaster with another towel is to make sure your clothing does not get stained.  Mustard WILL wash out with spot treatment.

Apply for 20 mins or Ĺ hour and then remove from skin and scrape the mixture into the garbage and wash the cloth.  Remember to cover up and rest.

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