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By Susan Munro, RP-CRA.

Treatment Consistency

Most of us would like an “instant bullet” for our illness.  An aspirin, when taken, does reduce or temporarily take away the pain.  But pain is symptomatic of illness and the real cause of the problem is “masked” temporarily.

In most traditional, alternative medicine practices, our motto is “Treat Root Cause” or in other words, ascertain what is causing the problem, treat it properly and the symptoms will disappear, one by one, until health is obtained.

It is normal for the practitioner to recommend courses of 10 treatment sessions, depending on the health issues.  At the end of this 1st course, another assessment is made as to progress, and another course may be suggested.  Certain symptoms may have disappeared, which entails changing the amount and consistency of the treatment. 

Nothing is a quick fix. If the illness the patient harbors has been present for many years, we call this a “chronic” disease and a chronic disease takes time  to heal.  If a patient comes in with an “acute” or very recent illness or trauma, the prognosis for recovery is much better, as the illness has not had time to become comfortable in the body and can be moved out much easier.   The adage is every month you suffer with an ailment, it takes 2-3 sessions to move it out of the body.

As a practitioner, I like to combine different treatments to find what works as every body is unique.  There are acupressure points that will work in tandem with other treatments, thereby giving a deeper and lasting effect.

Deep relaxation is the essential ingredient in all healing, no matter what a person chooses to use as their method.  It is exceptionally important to healing.  If your body is not relaxed, healing cannot occur.  Why?  If the nervous system is on “high alert”, the body systems are too busy being tense to allow the organs to be balanced.  In our busy world, stress is a major player in our illness.  Reiki, Esoteric Healing, FAR Ceregem bed treatments, Reflexology and Essential Oils are very ancient ways of healing and have proven their efficacy in preventing and alleviating many long-term health ailments that plague our society today.

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